Friday, November 1, 2013

Prettie Girls Lena and Valencia @ The Doll Genie

Prettie Girls dolls, Lena and Valencia (stock photo captured from the Prettie Girls website)

I received notification from the owner of The Doll Genie that they are offering an introductory price of $39.95 for both, currently available Prettie Girls OWP dolls, Lena and Valencia.  The dolls are now individually priced $21.95 at the Doll Genie and at the Prettie Girls website.  (They had been on sale for $18.95 at the Prettie Girls website).

So if you plan to buy both, currently available dolls (Lena and Valencia), you'll save a couple of dollars by purchasing from the Doll Genie.  I am not familiar with their shipping rates, however.  You might want to compare their shipping with that of the manufacturer's .

If you have not read my review and seen my actual images of Lena on my sister blog, you can do so here.


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