Monday, May 28, 2012

Barbie Buy One Get One 50% off @ Target

If you need any Barbie items including So In Style dolls, Barbie Basics, clothing for Barbie or Ken, this week (May 27 through June 2, 2012), Target has buy one get one 50% off in stores and online. Unfortunately, there are not any SIS dolls in stock online.


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving to AZ Doll Sale

One of my doll friends, Bonnie L., is relocating to Arizona and needs to sell most of her extensive doll collection.  I offered to share her lists of dolls here to help her find new homes. 

The dolls listed below are from the first list of dolls for sale that Bonnie has created.  If interested in anything; or if you need additional information or would like pictures, please contact Bonnie directly by clicking here.  ( )  She will only ship to US addresses and will only accept Paypal payments

Postage is extra and will be determined depending according to desired speed of shipment:  priority, parcel post, and insurance and destination.
  1. Ashton Drake's Jasmine at 1 1/2(*); 26": $75
  2. Himstedt's (*) Fatou(loose eyelashes):  $150
  3. Himstedt's(*) Pemba:  $100
  4. Himstedt's(*) Sanga:  $100
  5. Tiny Terry Lee(*): Benji & Bonnie Lou, 10" (walkers?):  $100 for the pair
  6. Terry Lee(*):  Bonnie Lou Sunday Best; 15":  $100
  7. Big Beautiful Doll; Dasia (first full-figured fashion doll):  $25
  8. American Girl "Dolls of many Lands" by Helen Kish & their books:  Minuk (Inuit), Spring Pearl (Chinese), Neela (East Indian), Saba (Ethiopian)  $20/each
  9. Ping Lau Heart & Soul, 8" Kiri (African), Sarina (East Indian), Shao-Hui (Chinese), resin:  $10/each
  10. Madame Alexander Ethiopia; 8":  $25
  11. Madame Alexander Africa #523; 8":  $25
  12. 12" all cloth Grandma & Grandpa dolls, (real cute), jointed; GM is knitting; GP has a pipe to smoke. Grey & white hair (yarn), glasses:$  20 for the pair  (must go together!)
  13. Aborigine toddlers $60/pair
  14. 8" AA boy & girl Kewpie dolls: $10/each, vinyl
  15. 12" Cameo AA Kewpie vinyl girl doll:  Special 90th Anniversary doll; very cute:  $25
Dolls with an asterisk (*), if sold, will come with a free extra small doll or jointed stuffed animal of Bonnie's choosing.


Disclaimer:  Bonnie is a several-year member of my online doll group.  I have purchased collectibles from her in the past and was very pleased with the condition of the items and the speed at which they were received.  However, any transactions made as a result of this post will remain between buyer and seller. 


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Friday, May 4, 2012

Little MissMatched Dolls/Accessories @ Zulily

Screen capture of Little Missmatched dolls, doll fashions, and girls accessories currently offered by to their registered users. 

These and other Little MissMatched items are available at  The current Little MissMatched sale ends ends Mon 5/07/12 at 6am pdt.  The 15-1/4 inch, slim-bodied dolls are $16.99.  The doll fashions are $9.99. 


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