Friday, September 21, 2012

Disney V.I.P Chyna Ann Parks Fashion Doll

Screen snapshot of Shop.Mattel.Com's ordering page for V.I.P. Chyna Ann Parks Fashion Doll

Articulated, cute, fashionable, those are just a few positive adjectives to describe the Mattel doll made in the likeness of the young actress, China Anne McClain who stars as Disney character, Chyna Ann Parks on the popular TV series A.N.T. Farm!  

Product Details:
The Disney V.I.P. Fashion Doll assortment features popular Disney Channel characters, including musical prodigy Chyna Ann Parks from A.N.T. Farm! This detailed Chyna Ann Parks doll come dressed in a stylish fashion with cool boots, hipster bag, and glam necklace. Plus, girls can learn more about this Disney Channel trendsetter and her fabulous show — just use the secret code on the enclosed Disney V.I.P. card to access exclusive online content! Collect all the dolls in the Disney V.I.P. Fashion Doll assortment (each sold separately)!
  • Doll wears a plaid skirt with yellow top and purple jacket
  • She completes her look with a matching purse, kickin’ boots, and belt with heart-shaped buckle
  • Includes hair band and brush for styling her hair
  • Also comes with a doll stand for displaying your star
  • Based on the popular TV series A.N.T. Farm
  • Each doll sold separately.
I love her and plan to purchase several.  One or two for myself, one for my niece, and the extra(s) as gifts.

The doll is available online for $17.99 at where shipping can be free on any day you choose between now and January 31, 2013, by entering code SECRETSHIP at checkout.  But wait... if you are an affiliate, go to first (register, if not already registered), search for "Mattel Shop" in Ebate's search box, then click the link to enter to receive 2% cash back on your purchase!  Buy the doll.  There isn't much better than free shipping, cash back, and an exceptionally cute doll.

Currently there are two other dolls in the V.I.P. line available at, which can be seen here, along with the adorable Chyna.

Update @7:55 AM CST:  Today is Black Friday at with special sales and FREE SHIPPING site wide without the use of the code mentioned above.  So if you buy something today from their site, save the free shipping code for a later date.  It's good until January 31, 2013.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Styled By Me Barbie is Back at

Screen snaphot of my Barbie Styled By Me doll and accessories

I did not buy; but I used the SIS Trichelle doll (one of three dark-skinned dolls available) to create a Styled by Me Barbie.  There are two light-skinned doll choices available.

Had I completed the order, I would have received the dressed doll of my choice, plus two additional fashions, accessories (one pair of shoes and coordinating handbag), and a personalized tee shirt.  Price is up to $40.99. 

This will make a nice gift for a little (or big) girl.  But you can probably also buy a basic Barbie or SIS doll, separate fashions - minus the personalized tee - for much less.

To style your own, click here.


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