Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vanange Multictultural Dolls

Just when I thought's doll stock had been exhausted, a new doll sale emerges for Vanange multicultural dolls.  These 19.4 inch vinyl dolls with cloth bodies are designed to fill the void for dolls representing children of mixed heritage.  According to one owner's testimonial at the Vanange website,
These dolls are extremely high quality, easily on par with American Girl dolls and A Life of Faith Dolls. The dolls are not all plastic like ALoF dolls, and their entire torso is not stuffed, like AG dolls. It's a hybrid thing where they have a vinyl breast plate so the dolls look good in sleeveless dresses and tops, but the lower torso including the rear end is stuffed, providing a softy part for hugging. Arms, legs, head and upper torso are all vinyl. Lower torso is stuffed. (Read the complete testimonial at the Vanange website)

Vanange dolls are regularly priced $110.00, but at from now until 7/25/12, the dolls and their accompanying storybooks are priced from $49.99 to $59.99.  I am not quite sure why some are $59.99 since they all retail for the same amount.  Fashionable clothing is also available for the dolls.  I took several screen snapshots to capture the current stock, quantities of which might be more limited than the days of the sale.  So if you're the slightest bit interested in these dolls, do not snooze.

The lavender ensemble is $16.99.   Analise from Italy (the redhead) and Marybelle from Atlanta (the blonde) are $59.99 until 7/25/12 @
On the bottom row are Bella from New York City and Luz from the Philippines are $59.99 and $49.99, respectively; the fashion is $16.99

All fashions are $16.99, regularly priced $from 42.00

You have to be registered with to purchase and receive future daily offerings like this for discounted women and children's items.  To view the Vanange dolls screen and/or to register for free, click HERE


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Pals Rag Dolls - Lennon Sisters

Buy page for Best Pals, Sophia, by the Lennon Sisters

Sofia is one of several 16-inch, cloth dolls in the Best Pals line, now discounted at  See Sophia's actual buy page (the one above is a screen snapshot) and the other Best Pals hereThis sale event ends 07/15/12.


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Friday, July 6, 2012

Adopt a Friend for $49.00...

...that would be a My Twinn Friend doll. 

These are original custom-made My Twinn and My Twinn Friend dolls from my personal collection.
The My Twinn company is currently offering My Twinn Friend dolls for $49.00.  This is a great price for these 23-inch vinyl and cloth poseable dolls.  Their heads, lower arms, hands, and lower legs and feet are vinyl.  Their bodies, upper arms, and upper legs are cloth.  Their ankles are jointed.  An armature within adds to their poseability.

At the following link, you can view all available Friends, or conduct a search based on color attributes of hair, eye, and skin. 

Here's the link:


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