Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Pals Rag Dolls - Lennon Sisters

Buy page for Best Pals, Sophia, by the Lennon Sisters

Sofia is one of several 16-inch, cloth dolls in the Best Pals line, now discounted at  See Sophia's actual buy page (the one above is a screen snapshot) and the other Best Pals hereThis sale event ends 07/15/12.


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  1. She really is a cutie! I do believe I have room for her on my nightstand!

    1. They've sold out now, Brini. If they return to, I'll repost here. The only dolls of interest they have available now are:

      8-piece Disney Princess Figurine set for $11.99 and Making Waves Alexis for $9.99 -- good for a body donor. I might order a couple of Alexis dolls now that I am thinking about it since I placed an order for something else on Friday and they're offering free shipping after the first order throughout the entire weekend. I have successfully enabled myself.