Sunday, September 25, 2011

Name Them and Claim Them for Free...

...well, almost free.

6-1/2-inch tan-complexioned doll by Creata (1985); Gymnast Christie (1990s), 7-1/2-inch doll by Kid Kore (1992)

If you follow this blog (your ID is included under the Followers header), you want these three very well-loved dolls, and are willing to pay the US shipping of $3.75 via Paypal; they're yours! I will ship them bubble wrapped in an envelope or in a small box.

They are good for:
  • Rerooting, particularly the doll on the left whose under section of hair has been cut by her former little owner. It appears her bangs or what's left of them have been chopped off, too. Other than her haircut, the doll is in good condition and has a really sweet face. The middle doll, a very loose-jointed former Gymnast Barbie or Christie (I believe) could use a deep conditioning or a reroot, too. Not too sure what can be done to tighten up her very loose leg joints.  The elbow joints are still tight. The doll on the right has hair to the floor. The ends are a bit rough but the top is still silky. (She wears her original sundress.)
  • Doll Friend:  The doll on the right could be a perfect friend to one of your dolls. 
  • Facial Makeovers:  Either of these would be a good repaint candidate.
Hair that's still there

A closer view of faces

If you follow this blog, want them, have a Paypal account, and are willing to pay the shipping, they are yours!  Email me from the account you have registered with Paypal and I will send the Paypal invoice to you.

More doll-related freebies to follow; stay tuned, and follow...


Friday, September 23, 2011

eBid versus eBay

According to, eBid has been around as long as eBay (since 1998).  Why am I just learning about the site and why hasn't the site gained as much popularity and traffic as eBay in the areas of doll buying and selling?

Last week, I added an eBay listing to my "watch" list.  I received a notification from eBay that the auction would be ending in a few hours.  I ignored the warning, thinking, "I don't need that doll."  After the auction ended, I remembered why I wanted it.  Since the auction ended without any bids, I contacted the seller twice and asked if s/he had plans to relist.  The seller failed to reply, twice.

Still wanting the doll, I decided to Google its name tonight.  I located it on eBid in a buy it now auction for half the price the eBay seller asked.  So, I became a registered eBid user and bought it now.

Now the reason I am posting this information here is because eBid's selling features are very enticing.  Perhaps, in addition to this blog (whenever I get the items categorized) eBid can be a source for online selling.  For those who may be in the same downsizing mode, I thought I'd share what I've learned thus far about eBid. 

To register as an eBid buyer is free and currently, new registered eBid buyers can immediately upgrade their accounts to Seller or Seller+.  The Seller upgrade is free but there are limitations as well as a 3% final value fee (fvf) for sold items (still less than eBay 8% fvf).  Seller+ is subscription-fee based, which can be purchased in nominal weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual increments.  The Seller+ subscription also has a lifetime option, which can be purchased for a one-time fee of $74.99.  If upgrading to Seller+ Lifetime within 24 hours of registering as a buyer, the lifetime subscription is $49.49. 

With an eBid Seller+ Lifetime subscription, all listings are free and there is no final value fee assessed on sold items.   So essentially for $49.49 or $74.99, depending on when you upgrade, all selling on eBid is free for Seller+ users.  (There may be some nickel and diming of sellers that I haven't discovered, but the basic selling features are free for a lifetime.)  In addition to the other advantages of eBid's Seller+ Lifetime subscription, these subscribers receive 5 free eBid stores.

For more information about eBid click here and here to register.  If you are a registered eBid seller, please share your experience with the site.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not My Stuff: Barbie Dream Sale Begins 09/22/11

Per's Barbie Dream Sale notification:

Fashionably early savings begin at 12:01am CT 9/22/11 and end at 11:59pm CT 9/23/11. The discounts are as follows:

Thursday 9/22 ONLY: Enjoy 25% off every regular priced doll, fashion and accent you purchase in the online shop. Plus, enjoy an additional 25% off already-reduced items within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop. These Thursday-only discounts will appear in shopping cart.

Friday 9/23 ONLY: Enjoy an additional 25% off already-reduced items within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop. These Friday-only discounts will appear in shopping cart.

Saturday 9/24 - Wednesday 9/28: Shop within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop to save as much as 67% off original prices. Dream Sale prices as indicated on shelf page and individual item product pages.


First Entry: About this Blog

For the past 2-1/2 months I have been in the process of downsizing my 20-years-in-the-making doll collection.  eBay has been my main online source for selling dolls.  Using that avenue, many have found new homes around the world in such places as Russia, the United Kingdom, Alaska, Poland, as well as within the contiguous 48 US States, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. 

In addition to using eBay, I decided to create this blog for categorized, individual or group, doll-for-sale posts and doll-related items that I desire to sell.  This blog may also be utilized to share doll sale events offered by manufacturers or fellow collectors (I enjoy spreading doll sale news).   Sharing doll sale news here will keep my regular Black Doll Collecting blog free of for-sale posts that eventually become outdated.  I will continue to post doll show information there, maybe... but those probably should be posted here, too, since doll show information also becomes outdated once the event has taken place.  I want to keep my main blog "relevant" with regard to dolls and the collecting thereof.

Follow me here if you would like to know what items from my collection I am selling and please share a link to this blog with anyone interested in adding new/different dolls (mostly black dolls, but not necessarily all) to their collections. 

Thanks in advance!