Sunday, September 25, 2011

Name Them and Claim Them for Free...

...well, almost free.

6-1/2-inch tan-complexioned doll by Creata (1985); Gymnast Christie (1990s), 7-1/2-inch doll by Kid Kore (1992)

If you follow this blog (your ID is included under the Followers header), you want these three very well-loved dolls, and are willing to pay the US shipping of $3.75 via Paypal; they're yours! I will ship them bubble wrapped in an envelope or in a small box.

They are good for:
  • Rerooting, particularly the doll on the left whose under section of hair has been cut by her former little owner. It appears her bangs or what's left of them have been chopped off, too. Other than her haircut, the doll is in good condition and has a really sweet face. The middle doll, a very loose-jointed former Gymnast Barbie or Christie (I believe) could use a deep conditioning or a reroot, too. Not too sure what can be done to tighten up her very loose leg joints.  The elbow joints are still tight. The doll on the right has hair to the floor. The ends are a bit rough but the top is still silky. (She wears her original sundress.)
  • Doll Friend:  The doll on the right could be a perfect friend to one of your dolls. 
  • Facial Makeovers:  Either of these would be a good repaint candidate.
Hair that's still there

A closer view of faces

If you follow this blog, want them, have a Paypal account, and are willing to pay the shipping, they are yours!  Email me from the account you have registered with Paypal and I will send the Paypal invoice to you.

More doll-related freebies to follow; stay tuned, and follow...


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