Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Dolls for Little Ones

With the holiday season upon us, in addition to a deluge of email ads, merchants are mailing their catalogues in full force.  I usually keep these on the kitchen table until Saturday morning when I remove the address label for shredding.  I then place the catalogues in the recycle crate for my son to take out to the recycle bin.  Optionally, I thumb through the catalogues before they are recycled. 

In a recent catalogue recycling procedure, I optionally browsed a few and noted dolls that might be Christmas gift ideas for those looking to buy dolls for little ones.  Some of the emails that were opened prior to deleting caused me to venture to the merchants' websites to search for their doll offerings.  My findings are shared below: 

Hearts 4 Hearts Dolls are $19.97 today at  These 14-inch, all vinyl dolls representing girls from different lands are usually priced from $24.99 up.  I am not sure if these are available in local Costco stores for this price, but if interested, check to see if they are; you will save on shipping.  Rahel has been here since June.  She is a very pretty, artist-quality type doll with closely rooted hair.

Today's Girl Dolls, sold by CP Toys, are 18-inch, American Girl-type dolls.  Included are a variety of ethnicities as well as clothing themes and accessories.  Prices begin at $59.99 for the doll only.  The African American doll, Olivia, reminds me of the Toys R Us-exclusive Journey Girls Taryn, but Olivia is priced almost $30 more.  I have not seen Today's Girl dolls in person and cannot attest to their quality.  I am quite pleased with Taryn's quality.  

Nina by FAO Schwarz
Nina, an all-vinyl, 18-inch doll made by Gotz for FAO Schwarz, sells at FAO stores and through Toys R Us.  This doll was recently discounted to $39.99 at  I purchased the above illustrated Nina as a Christmas gift for my niece.  Nina wears a sequined fuchsia dress, matching tights, and black boots.  She has a black pleather guitar and an extra pink velour casual fashion -- pants, jacket,  white T-shirt, and pink boots.  There are several other dolls in this line from which to choose.  I own Claudia.  Nina's price at the time of this post is $59.99. 

While I have not received emails or catalogues from, one or both of their 18-inch dolls would serve as nice gifts for little ones.  Janelle aspires to be a chef to learn to cook nutritious meals for people like her diabetic grandmother, and/or Nicole, who aspires to be a doctor.  Janelle is shown as currently unavailable at, but Nicole is available now for $69.99.  I own both dolls and purchased a second Janelle last year as a gift for a friend.  Their bodies are a little slimmer than American Girl dolls, but they are of equal quality.

These are just a few dolls currently on the market for girls who dream of having a new doll under the Christmas tree or a new doll at anytime of the year. 
Please note I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or companies that sell any products I feature in my blog posts. I simply enjoy sharing new doll information, doll sales, and other noteworthy doll knowledge with fellow collectors and others who seek it. 


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