Wednesday, June 20, 2012

eBay Find 4U: 6.20.12

I have decided to share eBay auction links of dolls or doll-related items of interest.  Note that these posts will be time sensitive -- the auction may be ending the day I share the link or may be ending soon thereafter.  The auction may also have ended by the time this post is read.  With that said, here is today's interesting eBay auction link:

Starr Model Agency Dolls and Trunk

Note:  I am in no way affiliated with the sellers of these items and may or may not have conducted transactions with them in the past.  As always, "buyer beware," and proceed with caution.  Always ask questions when clarity is needed about the item, shipping, or anything else regarding the transaction; and keep a copy of the seller's reply.  If you do not receive an answer or the answer does not provide the needed clarification, do not bid. 
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  1. I forgot to add: Always check a seller's feedback prior to bidding on their items.


  2. Oh boy, we are just so thrilled with this news. Speaking of ebay, I was on a roll last night. I won 4 bids back to back, after losing my first. I had three to four windows open at a time and I was jumping back and forth. It was exhilarating. Each time I won a bid, I did my cabbage patch dance, then I wanted to win some more, so I opened up another window with a new product. Luckily I lost my 6th bid and woke up realizing, "fool, you do have to pay for these things." I was acting like I was in a free casino. Luckily it was all really inexpensive stuff. The seller offered me a 2nd chance on the 6th bid I lost and ..... I did my happy dance again!

    1. Sounds so exhilarating! Been there done that often, but without as many windows open. Two are my max. The adrenaline pumps, palms, sweat as I watch the clock and/or count down the last seconds before I enter my maximum bid. This, all while my heart is palpitating and I am hyperventilating until I see the notification from eBay that I am the high bidder and to PAY NOW. That is when reality sets in and I realize, too, that I have to pay for my winnings.