Monday, June 25, 2012

One Week Only Sale, Integrity Toys

Cosmic Amelie on sale through June 29, 2012 at IT Toys

Need a RuPaul?  There are at least three varieties available for $19.99 at Integrity Toys (non-articulated).  Had the denim version been available, I would have purchased for the outfit, but it's not. 

There are several other dolls on sale from which to choose, including Fast Track Viktor James.  Dynamite Girls doll accessory packs and fashions are from $2.50 to $25.00!

Check them all out here (click the various category links.) Remember, the sale is for one week only (ends Friday, June 29, 2012).  You snooze you loose (in this case, haste won't make waste).  


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  1. I knew they were up to something. When I went back to take a look at my MZ doll a few days ago, they had removed all products. Seems I got her just in the nick of time because now she is not showing up at all. I finally got the other MZ doll I've been looking at for a long time. I just wanted her body and outfit. Couldn't bring myself to do it at $35, but we can do $25.

    1. I knew they must have been up to something, too. I checked last week and zero dolls were available through IT Direct.

      I'm glad you were able to get the other one you wanted for $25. If it's Flaunt It, her outfit tempted me and I guess I could use the body, too for $25, but I was thinking more along the lines of "doll as is." Based on that, her face cancelled out the buy.